Washington Crossing

Washington Crossing, a 36-unit multi-family development, fits within Hillcrest’s vibrant community character and brings a distinct architectural identity to the ever-expanding San Diego urban landscape. The project, completed in 2020, maximizes the unbeatable San Diego climate by optimizing open-air circulation and incorporating a variety of common outdoor spaces for the residents. A central courtyard creates an urban oasis for tenants away from the busy street and becomes the organizing element around which the apartments are grouped. The roof-top terrace provides additional outdoor space and allows for city views. While there was much focus on the outdoor areas, the units themselves provide ideal living features such as large floor to ceiling windows, streamlined casework and private living room balconies. Marrying these elements together, Washington Crossing in its architectural entirety, poses a bold statement with its façade utilizing deconstructive geometries, contrasting color elements and varied use of materials. These vibrant colors and bold forms are used to differentiate individual building components and reduce the overall mass of the building.

Completed2020LocationHillcrest, CAClientMitch & Mike KeelerInteriorsStephen Dalton Architects LandscapeStone + GroveContractorSilverline Construction