Found Lofts

A bold new vision for downtown Vista, Found Lofts is a 42-unit multi-family development that anchors the city’s newly formed Arts District. It is designed as both workshop and canvas for the artistic community of the city. The lofts will house an artist in residence program with live/work units and a maker garage space to attract more local and national artists to the area. To kick-off this program, the Dutch artist Joram Roukes painted a stunning 60-foot mural along the side of the building.

The development is an inspiring example of what is to come for this community. Found Lofts is the first project in Vista to have micro- units with apartments as small as 435 square feet. Each unit is provided with large private balconies that fit into a shifting façade of articulated panels, corrugated metal siding, and multiple colors of cement plaster. From the street, the faceted design breaks up the mass of the 5-story complex, tying the project into the surrounding landscape of low-rise commercial. Found Lofts is breaking new ground for the city of Vista, adopting its vision for the future, and setting a precedent for developments to come in a rapidly changing area.

Completed2022LocationVista, CAClientTideline Partners

  • 2022 PCBC Award | Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Multi-Family_30-60 du/acr