Cordero Del Mar

To grow, to gather and to exhibit—these were the design foundations for this custom house in Del Mar, California.

Intended to withstand the test of time, the lines, geometries and color scheme of the house’s exterior were kept to a minimum creating a sleek timeless home. While these architectural elements were streamlined, the contrast of lines, depth and color give the house its own character. Majority of the house is a concrete envelope finished within the spectrum of white to gray. The accents of wood and metal seams complement this minimal approach by adding texture and variety to the design.

The space planning of the house follows a hierarchy of use in an inverted manner compared to usual residential layouts; the private spaces are located on the lower floors and the common spaces are located on the top level. The client wanted to be able to enjoy the spanning views of the ocean in the spaces where they can gather friends and family. An open plan living space that transitions gracefully to the kitchen and dining area are framed by panoramic windows framing the ocean views. Extending this space perfect for gathering is an upper level deck showcasing an unobstructed experience of the Del Mar seascape.

This custom home is fully intended to be minimal even in the interiors. The owners did not just want this home to be a space where they grow in time with each other and with their family and friends, they also wanted this home to be a space where they can showcase their extensive art collection. Following the theme of the exterior of the house, the interior finishes are kept within the balanced use of black and white finishes, wood, metal and glass. This makes the home the perfect backdrop for their art collection like to a gallery, only with the sense of home.

Completed2020LocationDel Mar, California

  • 2022 PCBC Award | Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Custom Home under 4,000 SF